10 Most Useful Tips for Budget Travellers to Penang

Budget Accommodation in Penang
Budget Accommodation in Penang

Travellers who aim for an affordable and fantastic vacation in Penang are not too difficult to achieve as long as proper planning and sufficient homework was prepared. As a matter of fact, it is not impossible just to spend only USD50/day to tour around Penang for accommodation, domestic logistic and food expenses.


Travellers do not actually need to spend much money to visit Penang in view of the fact that cost of living index is considerably low in Penang (CPI =47.1 ) compared to neighbourhood city such as Kuala Lumpur (CPI=52.8), Singapore (CPI=103) and Bangkok (CPI=52.26) base on Numbeo’s analysis. For cost-effective backpackers, you can even save more funds for future travel plan to other destinations.


Let us review top 10 tips to have a practical vacation to Penang.


1) Lost cost airline


Thanks to the booming for low-cost carrier, travelling by airplane is now becoming for more affordable to most people, especially budget travellers. Penang International Airport is the hub of two low-cost carriers, namely AirAsia and Firefly and has good connection to major cities in Asia. Budget travellers can plan the trip upfront to grab cheap air ticket during airline promotion offer which sometimes offer free single trip ticket and travellers just to pay the airport tax and operating expenses.

2) Go for affordable accommodation choice


Budget travellers can explore the option to choose homestay accommodation which offer comfortable staying experience at affordable price. It would be a good idea to google search homestay Penang to choose the location, price and facilities that suit your need.


3) Currency exchange rates


Budget travellers can choose to exchange the Malaysia Ringgit at own country before coming to Penang or exchange the currency notes at licensed money changers in Penang. It would good to compare the exchange rate at own country vs Penang to weigh which one offers better rate. Foreign travellers can visit Maybank website (www.maybank2u.com.my) or Public Bank website (www.pbebank.com) to study the currency rate offered between countries. Besides this, you can get the information what are the major currencies are available for exchange in Malaysia. Licensed money changer is conveniently found in Penang which located in major shopping malls and tourist spots.


4) Public transport


The most commonly available public transport in Penang Island is Rapid Bus. For domestic and international travellers, you can purchase a Rapid Passport for only RM30 which you are entitled for a week of unlimited travel on all Rapid Penang buses. This is a good deal as it may help to save a lot of transportation cost by taking taxi. For more information about Rapid Penang’s bus route, visit www.rapidpg.com.my.


5) Special rates for ticket


Budget travellers can also study the travel guide book to discover some special deals. Sometimes, some tourist spots, museum offer better ticket price for students, group visit and senior citizen.

6) Cooking

Budget travellers can consider rent an accommodation that provide cooking facilities. You can cook a simple meal or make a cup of tea for refreshment.


7) Opt for low season


March and April used to be travel low season in Penang. Budget travellers can actually consider visit Penang during these months as ticket price is normally cheaper and you can get a better accommodation at discounted price. Besides, you can avoid the crowd during peak season and enjoy the precious vacation to the fullest!

8) Laundry


Laundry is an important factor to a cost-wise traveller. Try to choose an accommodation that provides complimentary laundry service. If you are travelling to Penang for a period of time, you can cut down your luggage weight by only bringing simple clothing which you can wash your clothing in a homestay that provides washing machine.


9) Street food


Penang is famous of its Street Food. Budget travellers who like to taste the original and local dishes should actually explore the local food court where serves a variety of local cuisine at an affordable price.


10) Grocery


Budget travellers can shop for grocery from a mini market rather than replenishing your stock from tourist spot area which the product cost may be higher. If your accommodation provider is serving water dispenser facilities that is even better choice which can save you quite a lot to buy drinking water.



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