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Penang famous street food introduction, story, review and etc. Happy Homestay in Penang provides safe, clean and affordable rooms and house rental near Penang Street Food areas.

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Tips To Start A Local Walks And Tours Business In Penang

Leisure is big business. And as the population’s disposable income per head increases, and more people retire earlier and live longer, it is getting bigger. Tourism continues to be one of the country’s main ‘invisble’ earners.   You could tap directly into this market with an enterprising business: local town […]

Penang offers great meals,greenery and shopping

Penang | Great Meals, Greenery and Shopping

  Where To Stay   The clean, safe and affordable 3-storey vacation duplex Happy Homestay Malaysia is ideal for families, large group travelling. Happy Homestay Malaysia is located in the prime area of Bayan Lepas , an established township neighboring Bukit Jambul and Relau. It is accessible via at least […]

Penang street food - Delicious Char Mihun


炒粿条一直是槟城街头美食的表表者,其色香味的特色一直是槟城小贩中心的卖点。在这里,我们暂不谈炒粿条,而是品尝槟城炒米粉。在大名鼎鼎炒粿条的光环下,槟城炒米粉却也不亢不卑的有它的定位和市场。 槟城的炒米粉有别于其它中华国家的炒米粉,特色是槟城炒米粉都会用细米粉而且不会刻意剪短米分条。因此喜欢大口吃并嚼断米分条的食客可就找对地方了。槟城炒米粉也大多数沿用炒粿条的配料,有鲜虾,爆香蒜头,豆芽,鸡蛋,腊肠和适量的酱油作为调味,而在最后会加入鲜蛤。这些特有的配料组合让槟城炒米粉的香味加大,而米粉也是偏咸味有别于星加波米粉略带酸甜味,各有特色。 舌尖上的食客确实可在槟城大福口欲,再加上饮食业在槟城可谓竞争激烈,因此大致上所有小贩的煮炒技巧都有两把刷子,食客们却也不必大费周章的寻找特别美食。一碟美味的炒米粉售价介于3令吉50仙至5令吉之间。   快樂满屋是一家安全,乾凈,价格合理的檳城民宿。我们提供免费无限上网,地点邻近檳城峇六拜工业区,PISA,SPICE,Bukit Jambul,皇后海湾购物广场以及邻近檳城美食中心。     By Happy Homestay Malaysia