Tips To Start A Local Walks And Tours Business In Penang

Penang Tour Package
Penang Tour Package

Leisure is big business. And as the population’s disposable income per head increases, and more people retire earlier and live longer, it is getting bigger. Tourism continues to be one of the country’s main ‘invisble’ earners.


You could tap directly into this market with an enterprising business: local town walks and tours.


The trips can be as traditional or off-beat as you want: a pub-crawl around historic inns; a visit to the industrial past; a tour of local artists at work. They can be themed in any way you choose: architecture, events, characters, books, foods, cars – in fact, almost anything goes. Even the most unpromising area probably has something special, something unique to offer, once you start looking.


Be clear in your mind who your customers will be: school children, tourists, local study groups? This will have a direct bearing not only on the style and content of your package but also on the crucial aspect of advertising. Would advertising in magazines or newspapers abroad be best? Does your local airport/bus/railway station offer any possibilities? Or would advertisement in your local paper be the answer?


What would you want to include in your package: printed itineraries, maps, information sheets, free gimmicks, and travel to and from? Could you tie in with other businesses, example travel agencies, bookshops, hotels or hotel chains? Above all, ask yourself: “What will make my tours special?”


This will appeal if

1) You like meeting people

2) You’re organized and reliable

3) You like routine

4) You’re good at remembering facts

5) You’re something of an entertainer



1) An easy business to maintain

2) Good cash flow element

3) Lends itself to expansion



1) Repetitious

2) Your work could be adversely affected by weather conditions, seasonal fluctuations, exchange rates, transport problems or international events.


Future possibilities

1) Hire and train staff in response to increased workload

2) Develop a more extensive list of packages

3) Develop more comprehensive packages, eg week-long tours including accommodation, national and/or international travel.



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